I help people win their battles with Anxiety.

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I help people put an end to their battles with Anxiety with a streamlined and proven approach (So you're not booking sessions for years!)

Does your anxiety bother you?

Do you have a hard time getting out of your head?

Some common anxiety symptoms (not complete list)

Having difficulty concentrating

Difficulty controlling feelings of worry

Racing thoughts 

Having sleep problems

Health anxiety (about self or others)

Feelings of impending doom

Blushing, sweating, or trembling 

Racing heart feeling

Excessive worry about encountering a feared object or situation

Specific Phobia



Behaviour rituals/Repetitive behaviours


Hi I'm Rebecca

What do you need help with?

Getting your life back

Anxiety Counselling Glasgow

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Fed up of trying to figure this out on your own?

Perhaps you have been hit with the realisation that things can't go on like this anymore?

​Wither you are looking for ways to challenge your anxiety properly,  make peace with

your mind or uncover the unconscious root behind the issue,

we can achieve those by working together.



  • Helping multitudes of people become anxiety free

  •  Published success stories of anxiety disappearing completely from clients in all industries

  • Helped clients reduce or come off medications when appropriate

  • Thousands of hours of sleep returned to ex-worriers

  • Hundreds of relationships and careers saved as people get rid of the panic for good.

  • Helped heaps of clients quit jobs and change lifestyles to one of more freedom, nourishment and happiness.

What you'll get in one to one sessions:


 Eradicate anxiety

Take action in your own life

Release what's not serving you

Ready to get out there again living life

Rewire your thoughts and your habits for good

Develop solid confidence and safety

You're learning from nearly a decade of experience as an Anxiety and Trauma specialist with clients. What you get from this process is based off of real world knowledge and experience.
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Ways to work with me


Through a structured, supportive, thorough programme you will have a greater understanding of what anxiety actually is and an explanation of the effects on the mind and the body. I will take you through a comprehensive and fast approach to get rid of the anxiety. By the end of our sessions you will have the tools, knowledge and confidence to take back control of your life.

Your sessions with me produces long term results and even better than that. - It will programme you to be resistant against developing another anxiety disorder in the future.​​

What Clients Say

"Started working with Brain Botanics after being diagnosed with PTSD...After one session of RTT & PTSD focused work Im a new man. Saved my marriage and my sanity."