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Helping you finally conquer anxiety, everything you need in one approach.


Make Anxiety a thing of the past

Have you been wondering why your anxiety 

is so hard to control lately?

 Brain Botanics offers the fastest, easiest 

and all in one approach to make anxiety a things of the past with certified expert help.

If you've been feeling stressed, anxious, having sleep issues,

perhaps physical symptoms of anxiety or are finally ready to dig into your trauma, I'm here to help you sort it out.


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Getting your life back

Anxiety & Trauma Counselling Glasgow & Edinburgh

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​Work one on one with an Anxiety & Trauma Specialist online from the comfort of your own home. Brain Botanics Anxiety services is offered online in Glasgow, Edinburgh and surrounding areas.

You will be guided through your recovery journey with an anxiety & trauma informed practise which will streamline your progress.


There is a selection of services on offer all designed to help you to control your anxiety rather than letting it control you.

See these below and what clients have said about it.


Let’s set your sights on the future you—the person you want to be when you wake up every morning. I’ll help you set achievable, feel-good goals that focus on solutions rather than just the problems.



I want to help you uncover your inner strengths, gain new insights, and hone the skills you need in order to overcome life’s challenges. I hold a judgement-free space reserved for your deepest, most personal growth.


Welcome to a warm, collaborative approach to facing fears around judgment, the unknown, or worry that you’ll never be free from suffering. I’ll meet you right where you are, even if you’re feeling nervous or unsure.

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Ways to work with me



Through a structured, supportive, thorough programme you will have a greater understanding of what anxiety actually is and an explanation of the effects on the mind and the body. I will take you through a comprehensive and fast approach to get rid of the anxiety. By the end of our sessions you will have the tools, knowledge and confidence to take back control of your life.

Your sessions with me produces long term results and even better than that. - It will programme you to be resistant against developing another anxiety disorder in the future.​​

Are past traumas holding you back from living the life you want? Are you tired of feeling stuck in a cycle of negative thoughts and emotions? Our trauma therapy services can help.

Brain Botanics trauma therapy can provide a safe and supportive environment where you can work through past traumas and develop healthy coping mechanisms.


Brain Botanics uses evidence-based techniques to help you process and overcome the negative effects of trauma, so you can move forward with a renewed sense of self.

Say goodbye to sleepless nights, constant anxiety, and overwhelming emotions. Investing in your healing journey with our trauma therapy services can help you reclaim control over your life and start living on your own terms. Book your appointment today and take the first step towards a happier, healthier you.


What Clients Say

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