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Why "What If" Is Your Worst BFF - A Deep Dive into Daily Anxious Thoughts

We've all encountered that one friend in our lives, the one who seems to feed off drama, thriving amidst the chaos and confusion it creates. Now, imagine this friend, this generator of stress and worry, taking up permanent residence in your mind. Say hello to your mind's own personal drama queen, the "What If" scenario. This experience is at the core of anxiety sufferers day to day experience with anxiety, and usually what I pick up on when first meeting many of my anxiety therapy clients.

This diva of disaster loves nothing more than to command your complete attention, filling the theater of your thoughts with dramatic solos of imagined future catastrophes. These are events that haven't occurred and in all probability, never will.

However, here's the plot twist, the unexpected turn in the narrative that changes everything - you don't need to be a passive audience member for this performance. You are under no obligation to entertain these dramatic renditions of what could possibly go wrong in the future.

Mark Twain, a celebrated author known for his wit and wisdom, once said, "I've had a lot of worries in my life, most of which never happened." This quote, simple yet profound, perfectly encapsulates the unnecessary stress and anxiety that the "What If" scenarios place on us. They fill our minds with worries about events that are unlikely to ever take place, creating a sense of fear and anxiety that is wholly unneeded.

Remember, life isn't a dress rehearsal. We are not given multiple chances, we only get one shot at this, and every moment we spend worrying about the unlikely is a moment wasted. So why would we let the "What If" scenarios steal the spotlight? It's time to lower the curtain on these scenarios, to turn the spotlight away from the imaginary and focus on the present. After all, the show of life must go on, and you're the star of your own performance. So, seize the day, live in the moment, and let go of the "what ifs".

If you are curious about taking both a body and mind approach to your anxiety, particularly if you experience intrusive physical anxiety symptoms, you might consider reaching out so I can guide you and teach you how to finally TRUST your body to get you out of your anxiety and panic for good. Click this link to book a free consultation call with me. 

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