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The Bodies Wisdom on How To Feel.

The Path to Overcoming Anxiety: Learning How to Feel

Anxiety has become increasingly prevalent in our society, and it's no wonder why. We have become so disconnected from our bodies, so detached from our emotions, that we have forgotten how to truly feel, or may even feel scared or apprehensive to do so. The more we resist or avoid our feelings, the longer we stay stuck in a cycle of anxiety.

It may seem like a strange concept – learning how to feel. The truth is, our modern lifestyles and constant distractions have caused us to lose touch with our bodies and the innate wisdom they hold. This disconnection is a contributor to the soaring levels of anxiety we see today, and why you may feel really detached or not willing to feel your feelings.

Our bodies have their own natural release process, a way of letting go of stress and emotions.

But when we are out of touch with our bodies and unaware of how to release these pent-up energies, anxiety takes hold. It's like a pressure cooker, with the stresses of life building up inside us until we reach a breaking point. At that point, we may even disconnect from the joys and pleasures of life, finding it increasingly difficult to enjoy anything anymore.

Recognizing the urgent need to address this issue, a method known as The Somatic therapies has emerged. This approach focuses on unlocking our own somatic release process – the innate ability of our bodies to release stored energy and emotions. Without tapping into this process, any therapy or method we try will only provide temporary relief at best.

To truly break free from anxiety, we must learn how to release what fuels it – the suppressed energy and emotions that reside within our bodies and the thoughts that go with it. This is not something that can be achieved overnight, but with guidance and practice, it is possible to reconnect with our bodies, to rediscover the art of feeling, and to find lasting relief from anxiety.

If you are ready to embark on this transformative journey and learn how to release the energy and emotions that are holding you back, I invite you to book a consultation. Together, we can unlock your own somatic release process and set you on the path to freedom from anxiety.

Remember, acceptance and action are the antidotes to anxiety. Embrace your feelings, welcome them in, and allow space for them. And if you find it challenging or lack the capacity to do so, take that crucial first step towards healing – take action.

Common blocks to the Somatic Release Process

  1. Judgement/Self critical - Being in head analysing instead of feeling

  2. Don’t feel safe to connect to body or feel feelings

  3. Resist or avoid feelings or activation/anxiety

  4. Inability to self regulate and turn off the alarm/activation

  5. Don’t feel safe to be vulnerable/authentic

  6. Don’t feel safe to let go of control and surrender

  7. Heart closed - Doesn’t feel safe to receive love or don’t feel worthy of receiving love.

How your body releases

Your body will naturally release if you feel safe to surrender into the feeling/experience, let go of control and trust your body.If you feel your body wants to do something, let it! Lean into your bodies natural intuitive wisdom.

A few common ways that your body will release

  1. Tears - the most common energy release, doesn’t necessarily mean sad

  2. Shakes/movement - especially of the spine

  3. Sighs - automatic breaths

  4. Yawns

  5. Burps

If you are curious about taking both a body and mind approach to your anxiety, particularly if you experience intrusive physical anxiety symptoms, you might consider reaching out so I can guide you and teach you how to finally TRUST your body to get you out of your anxiety and panic for good. Click this link to book a free consultation call with me. 

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