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I help people free themselves from the past.

The Rewind Technique is a tried-and-tested approach to treating PTSD and phobias.

For many years, severe anxiety-based conditions such as post-traumatic stress disorder or phobias were considered treatable only through long, painful exposure therapy, and in some cases, not at all.

Now, thankfully, we have access to a comfortable, effective treatment that can greatly reduce, and even remove, traumatic or phobic symptoms quickly.

Many people with trauma or phobias have been treated using approaches that drag them back through the experience again; a highly unpleasant thing to have to do.

This does not happen with the Rewind, and I do not in fact even need to know the details of what happened to you.

Even more conveniently Rewind Therapy can be done online, so that you can be taken through the treatment from the comfort of your own home. 

The Benefits

No fear of disclosing sensitive information e.g. In the case of servicemen, for example, about deployment
For survivors of rape and sexual abuse the benefits of not having to disclose intimate or any details of the event to a stranger is self-evident
No lengthy therapy program commitment or to finance
Permanently stop ‘involuntary recall’ (including nightmares, anxiety, flashbacks, avoidance, irritability, concentration challenges, pre-occupation, intrusive thoughts, and much more!)

What Trauma's Can This Approach Be Used For?

In short this approach can be used for any trauma, however, there are two different categories that may slightly change the number of sessions and overall format of the work. These are;

Single Event Traumas - This is where there is one main one-off event, such as Road Traffic Accidents, Muggings, Burglaries, Death, -Fire or Loss. Treatment using RT in these instances is often implemented using two to three sessions followed by a follow up three months after the final treatment session

Multiple Event / Complex Traumas - includes but is not limited to combat/combat stress, sexual abuse and domestic violence, any trauma where there is more than one kind of event. When applying -RT in such presentations each traumatic event can be dealt with separately, over separate sessions but, depending on the way the involuntary recall (symptoms) are represented, can also be dealt with in one session  

Who Is The Technique Useful For?

Anyone with a Phobia - where the phobia is preventing you from living life fully

Direct victims of a trauma - where the trauma has happened to you as the first person
Witness of another persons trauma - where you have seen a traumatic event occur to another person
Emergency responders - Police, Ambulance, Fire anyone who has attended a scene of a traumatic incident
Perpetrators / Instigators - where a person is responsible for (by accident or design) and involved in a traumatic event.

The Rewind Technique or ‘The Rewind’ is different from other current trauma approach therapies because no details are disclosed to the therapist hence the treatment is known as "closure without disclosure". Current research indicates successful treatment and positive outcomes for clients in 92% of cases treated in as little as two sessions!

Rewind does not need you to go over the traumatic incidents again

Rewind your traumas, start Fresh.

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