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"Started working with Brain Botanics after being diagnosed with PTSD...After one session of RTT & PTSD focused work I'm a new man. Saved my marriage and my sanity."

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"Finished sessions with Rebecca for my horrible Anxiety. Truly amazing help thats changed my social life and home life. No more Anxiety!"

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"I wouldn't have believed you before if you told me I could feel this way now. Only a matter of weeks and I've been making drastically different decisions- panic free"

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"Before I came to you I couldn't get through the day in one piece. And now I've never had this much relief in years...maybe even ever!"

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"Its weird to think that a  matter of months ago I had been signed off of work
because of my mental health. Now here I am in a new amazing job, my relationship is amazing and I'm the happiest I've ever been in a long time.
I owe a lot of this to your work with me"

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