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No appointment time needed. Send your message when its convenient for you. 

Email counselling can make therapy work for you in a convenient and safe way. With email counselling,  you can take your time with what you want to say, and write out your email whenever you feel like it as there's no need for an appointment time.  With Brain Botanics you can even save money You can write when things are especially tough for you, or perhaps during breaks at work, out on a walk or even on your daily commute. 


Each email session is allocated a therapy hour where your email is read, carefully reviewed and replied to with a therapeutic response. In the counsellor’s reply, you will be provided with support as well as feedback, suggestions or questions.

Painful thoughts and feelings can often get stuck in the mind and become cyclical which can cause stress, anxiety, depression, physical ailments and other difficulties. Some people find expressing themselves through writing easier. Expressing yourself through writing can in itself be extremely cathartic and often a sense of relief is experienced on composing an email, and then again sending it to your counsellor. It can really help to express in this way what is happening.

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                                          How Email Counselling works:

  • You write and send an email to me in your own time. Within a certain time period (which will be agreed upon during your consultation) I will send you a therapeutic response. Usually within 3 days.

  • I will very carefully consider a response to you that will provide understanding, empathy, respect, questions and support. 

  • Each exchange will be numbered, so you can see how many exchanges you've had.

  • You read and process your therapists response, and continue the exchange from there.

  • Email counselling allows you to write an email in the privacy of your own home or private space. It can give you time to think about what you want to say.

  • It also allows more time to read and process therapeutic responses and you will have a written record of each interaction

The added therapeutic benefits gained through receiving a therapeutic email from your counsellor can be hugely impactful - the validation, understanding and insight can often feel life changing.  I will let you know when to expect an email from me. You can open and read your response when you are ready and in your own time.

With Email Counselling your emails and your therapeutic responses can be available for you to look back on whenever you like. It can sometimes be helpful to re-read your therapeutic response as there may be a lot to take in and process.

Important consideration must be taken with emails, as key aspects of face to face interaction will be missing from textual communication. Tone of voice, facial expression and live clarification will be absent. For this reason, its important to read all emails with an awareness of our own projected meanings of text. To combat this, it is recommended to read your response with an internal neutral tone to avoid miscommunication. If you require clarification of anything your counsellor has said, please ask in your follow up email.

           The Benefits of Counselling via Email

  • Sessions are securely conducted via encrypted email

  • No need to book a slot time, just pay and send your email

  • You decide where and when you write to your Email Counsellor and how frequently

  • You have time to consider your situation and put your feelings and thoughts into words

  • Your Counsellor has time to carefully consider your problem before replying

  • You have access to a written response that you can re-read and consider before responding

  • There is less pressure on you to respond to any question or suggestion, as there is in face to face session

  • Accessible whether you are on holiday, at home, on the go, at work or housebound

  • Choose between using a computer, smartphone or tablet for sessions


Email Counselling Fees

  • 1 Email Counselling session £45

  • 3 Email Counselling sessions £135

  • 6 Email Counselling sessions £243 (save 10%)

  • 9 Email Counselling sessions £356 (save 12%) Must be used within 4 months

  • 12 Email Counselling sessions £459 (saving 15%) Must be used within 6 months

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