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I help people win their battles with Anxiety.

I've dealt with my fair share of anxiety and get what it's like to feel overwhelmed by all of the different things you're "supposed" to do to stop feeling anxious. Especially if they dont seem to be working. I know your frustration, if youve  been trying to tackle your anxiety on your own, and nothing seems to be working. I can resolve and guide you through the proper solutions.


I'm Anxiety Counsellor with 5+ Years of Professional Experience (and also 20+ years of Personal ones!)

Without sounding like a know-it-all, I think I know how you feel.  When anxiety strikes there's a common story or experience we all have while in its grasp:

  • “I just need to find the ‘thing’ that will make this go away”

  • Wanting to try and tackle the anxiety head on- but also simultaneously wanting to crawl back into bed and hide.

  • Isolating yourself to avoid anxious thoughts and feelings but only getting serious FOMO and feeling like you've missed out, only to get more anxious thoughts and feelings from being alone.

  • ​Worrying that you’ll always be this way

  • Wanting your brain to just be quiet for a few hours

  • Obsessing about particular topics or the thoughts others have about you.

  • Finding it really hard to get excited or happy about things

  • Perhaps subtle influences of perfectionism and/or

  • Intrusive thoughts or worries?


I've been there too. Overcoming anxiety seems impossibly hard.


You may also believe you're different from 'normal' people. Or even that your anxieties are different compared to other anxious people. You may be convinced you're alone in this. 

Allow me to set the record straight: YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

You can overcome this. It won't always be easy, and it will require you to take action, but with the right expert guidance and programme, you can get over your anxiety

Hi I'm Rebecca

You don't need to be anxious forever.

Are you a person experiencing any of these things?

Always feel like there's a 'background anxiety' even when you're trying to relax?

Get a 'fear of the fear' association anytime you get anxious which just makes it worse?

Freak out when you have certain thoughts which you think are just 'not normal'?

Conjuring up false reassurance just isn't working? Only to find when you try that, it comes creeping back?

Frequent panic attacks or thinking you're going to pass out or have a heart attack?

Tendency to play out 'what if' scenarios or worst-case scenarios on a daily basis

Do you have "safety behaviours" that you need to do to keep anxiety at bay?

I help people who experience symptoms like this, and many more to overcome the constant tug of war with their Anxiety and Panic Attacks, with a proven scientific and counterintuitive approach to Anxiety Recovery!

If this is describing you, and you're interested to know how I can help, then you can access a free consultation call

You will learn:

The Counter-Intuitive Truth About Anxiety and Panic Attacks

How To Feel Calm During Moments of Intense Anxiety

The Vicious Cycle That's Been Keeping Your Anxiety Alive For Years

Exactly What To Tell Yourself To Overcome Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Using Your Imagination Properly

How To No Longer Care What People Think Of You

Exactly How To Get Your Life Back

Putting It Into Practice

How To Apply What You've Learned In Common Situations and Triggers

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Start recovering and regaining control of your life!
Anxiety free!

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